Frequently Asked Questions

What is Episerver

Episerver empowers digital leaders to easily create standout experiences for customers – everywhere they engage, and always with measurable business results. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud unifies digital content, commerce and marketing in one platform, including omnichannel solutions for smart personalization and intelligent campaigns. Founded in 1994, Episerver has offices in the US, UK, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam and the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of company and solutions

What does Episerver do?

Episerver provides a cloud solution for web content management, digital commerce and marketing automation. Every day 300,000 marketers, web editors and merchandisers use Episerver’s solutions to create, deliver and optimize web and commerce sites. Unlike other platforms, Episerver enables users to manage all content, commerce and marketing in one screen.

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What makes Episerver different?

Episerver’s platform is different because it sets you free from being reliant on IT to create new campaigns or experiences. Instead marketers and editors can easily create and manage all of their content and campaigns in one screen, and merchandisers can quickly combine content and products into new experiences. We help you quickly realize your brilliant ideas.

Here are a few other things that make Episerver different:

  • Data-driven results. Episerver’s platform helps you to stop guessing and start getting results based on data. It has built-in features for A/B testing, lead generation, and project collaboration.
  • AI that gets smarter. Our market-leading machine learning algorithms help you effortlessly personalize each experience. Episerver’s AI will also help your website gradually get smarter.
  • Secure and scalable. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ runs on Microsoft Azure, ensuring that your website automatically scales up or down as needed. You only pay for what you use.

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Episerver’s products and solutions

What is Episerver CMS?

Episerver CMS is a market-leading web content management system and digital marketing suite. It enables editors to drag-and-drop content to quickly create new digital experiences that are automatically responsive. Episerver CMS is a leader in both Forrester and Gartner analyst reports.

Editors can easily manage content and omnichannel campaigns in one screen, with project management features that help them collaborate with others. Once a new campaign is live, your results are automatically optimized with built-in A/B testing. Episerver CMS also makes it easy to connect your experiences to leading CRM and marketing apps.

We believe that companies need to prepare for a not-too-far-away future where all experiences will be personalized. Our Individualized Content solution will help you do just that. It combines Episerver CMS with artificial intelligence features to deliver truly personalized content experiences. This helps you lower bounce rates and increase conversions.

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What is Episerver Commerce?

Episerver Commerce is a complete digital commerce suite. Unlike other digital commerce platforms, Episerver Commerce enables you to seamlessly combine content and commerce with minimal effort. This means that you can quickly create relevant, helpful experiences for your customers.

Most commerce platform focus primarily on features for catalogs and payment. While our solution has everything you need to manage catalogs, orders, customer data and payments across regions, we also help you easily manage the entire customer journey.

Only 2% of visitors to a commerce site make a purchase on the first visit. Our Experience-Driven Commerce solution helps you easily engage the other 98%. It combines Episerver Commerce with artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, individualized search rankings and product recommendations. This leads to increased conversions and average order values.

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What is Episerver Campaign?

Episerver Campaign is a suite of intelligent marketing automation products. It helps companies quickly create, automate and personalize campaigns across all channels. This includes web, mobile, email, text, social and the Internet of Things.

The solution uses artificial intelligence and customer data to send and personalize content based on real-time behavior. Episerver Campaign automatically tracks and analyzes every customer visit, click, email and purchase, to provide valuable insights about customers and segments.

Our Intelligent Campaigns solution includes Episerver Campaign, Episerver Reach and Episerver Insight. By reaching out to customers at exactly the right time, with exactly the right content, you can quickly increase leads, conversions and revenue.

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What is the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud?

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ is a unified digital content, commerce and marketing platform in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The platform uses artificial intelligence, campaign management and behavioral analytics to deliver one-to-one personalization across all channels.

The solution helps companies quickly increase engagement, revenue and productivity, while getting the fastest time to value. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud is offered as an on-premises solution or cloud service.

Our complete cloud solution for content and marketing is Individualized Content. Our complete cloud solution for commerce is Experience-Driven Commerce.

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Purchasing questions

How do I buy Episerver?

To purchase Episerver you follow a three-step process. First you schedule a 30-minute discovery call. Next, we show you a personalized demo based on your requirements. Third, we help you find a certified Episerver implementation partner so you can get started!

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How much does Episerver cost?

Episerver’s pricing is based on a few key factors, such as your number of annual page views, and your SKUs if you have a commerce site. Our sales reps can help you quickly get a custom quote based on your specific needs. You can get a quick quote by providing some simple information. Get a quote.

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Is there a free trial of Episerver?

Yes, you can get a free 30-day evaluation of Episerver Commerce through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Episerver CMS will be available soon in a trial version.

To see a demo of Episerver CMS or Commerce, you first schedule a 30-minute discovery call. Then we will show you a personalized demo based on your requirements.

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What size company is Episerver a good match for?

Episerver’s platform is a great fit for upper-mid-sized and enterprise companies that would like to quickly improve their digital experiences. Episerver makes it easy to adopt next-generation capabilities, including personalized content, intelligent campaigns and real-time product recommendations.

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How can I get an Episerver demo?

To see a demo of Episerver CMS or Commerce, first you schedule a 30-minute discovery call. Then we will show you a personalized demo based on your requirements.

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Technical questions

How do you develop with Episerver?

Episerver sites are built in ASP.NET MVC, a web application framework developed by Microsoft, or by using our Headless REST API. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud combines the performance, robustness and ease of deployment of SaaS with the extensibility and toolchain support of PaaS.

As an architect or a developer, you can use our extensive set of APIs to make a big impact with a minimum of code. Learn more in our Technical Evaluator’s Guide. You can also visit our developer community and documentation site, Episerver World.

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What does Episerver integrate with?

Episerver integrates easily with external systems for marketing automation, search, PIM, payments, and more. You can make it easy to quickly extend your solution with pre-built connectors and add-ons. In our Add-on Store, you can access innovative new functions and tools, with a minimum of configuration.

Episerver integrates to external systems using our Service API for communication between Episerver and other systems. This is a REST-based API that is easy to work with and helps you connect your systems faster.

Episerver also builds strategic alliances with companies that share our vision of innovation. Learn about our partnership with Microsoft and other technology partners. Episerver Commerce seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, so you can get faster time to market on all customer touchpoints.

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Can Episerver be used as a headless CMS?

Yes, Episerver’s Headless API  extends Episerver’s platform so you can easily deliver content and digital experiences everywhere. It offers a hybrid architecture that supports coupled, decoupled and purely headless scenarios that transcend channels. Focused on speed, performance, search and flexibility, the API enables users to pull content directly from the platform and project it into any number of applications.

The Headless API empowers digital teams to deliver rich content to the IoT, native mobile apps, digital in-store screens, legacy platforms, and conversational devices, while still leveraging the powerful content management tools native to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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