Episerver for B2B Distributors

Distributors need customer-specific ecommerce. Episerver delivers it.

As a distributor, your customers now expect you to have an ecommerce infrastructure where they can place orders based on their specific terms. This is a challenge for many distributors. Your digital commerce channel must include contract-specific pricing, deliver an intuitive experience, and meet the high standards of B2C shopping.

Episerver solves this with our Digital Experience Cloud. Our platform powers hundreds of distributor ecommerce websites and mobile experiences. As a leading provider of CMS and commerce solutions, Episerver makes it easy for customers to do business with you. It also includes capabilities that help grow your online revenue and overall profitability.

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Episerver capabilities for distributors

  • Omnichannel B2B

    Customer strategy at the forefront. Your customers deserve great buying experiences across every channel. Increase your inventory visibility on all sites and devices. Enable click-and-collect programs that speed up delivery times and surpass customer expectations.

  • Sales empowerment

    Progress your sales network with features such as; online ordering portals, customer-specific price lists, and rich catalog experiences. Deliver better customer service wherever you are - with more time to focus on other valuable activities including; customer segmentation, customer-specific campaigns and product recommendations.

  • Experience enablement

    Deploy visual merchandising, smart personalized search results, intuitive navigation and mobile-tailored experiences. Optimize your customers buying process as they journey through vast product portfolios.

  • Self-service portals

    Create self-service portals so your customers can independently manage their orders, invoicing and account information. Sync customer-specific terms, pricing and budget controls for multiple users in the customer’s organization.

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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact framework aims to highlight Episerver’s potential financial impact. Download the report or use our interactive tools to discover what your ROI could be with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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Episerver has helped us to understand our customers’ needs even better and in response provide them with what they need since they often have very focused intent and don’t want to sift through products and search results not pertinent to them.

Henri Ström, Development Manager at Motoral Oy

B2B Distributors benefiting from Episerver

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