Episerver for B2B manufacturers

Because today your global brand is only as good as your digital experiences

Global manufacturers often grow their business by acquiring companies, expanding to new markets and beginning to sell online. But this presents challenges.

Managing multiple websites on different technologies can slow innovation, limit profitability and decrease customer satisfaction. Episerver solves this with a single platform in the cloud. You can quickly launch and scale multiple brands in multiple countries, with capabilities for digital commerce, digital marketing and sales enablement.

Episerver solutions for B2B manufacturers

  • A single platform for digital experiences

    With the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, you can launch and manage hundreds of websites from a single platform. By using Episerver’s web content management and digital commerce solution, you can reduce IT overhead and empower business users to launch regional or brand-specific sites on their own.

  • Online catalogs that accelerate sales

    Buyers are increasingly doing their research online. Episerver’s solution turns brochureware websites into rich, digital catalogs that educate and inspire customers, partners and sales teams. Online catalogs and customer-specific pricing can accelerate sales cycles and inform customers of new product releases.

  • Transactional ecommerce when you are ready

    Whether your entire enterprise is ready for digital commerce, or just one brand, division, or region, bring transactional commerce capabilites to your customers and partners with Episerver Commerce. Utilize an enterprise-grade digital commerce solution to provide customer specific pricing, intelligent site search, and customer specific payment terms at the size and scale you need.

  • Personalize prices, products and content

    Digital marketing teams are not getting any bigger yet the financial and marketing targets continue to increase. Utilize Episerver's Personalization engine to automate the selection and distribution of content, products, and promotions to segments and individuals using big data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

See Episerver’s features for manufacturers

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud empowers you to launch new experiences faster. See how you can simplify your global processes with our multisite and multi-language management. The demos above explain experience management, online catalogs, transactional ecommerce, and personalization.

Global manufacturers must catch up to other sectors that have invested in digital experience and commerce. If you’re not providing engaging content or rich product experiences at scale, you’re behind.

Johan Boström, Co-Founder & Evangelist, inRiver

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