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Only 12% of financial institutions are digitally mature. Can you afford not to be one of them?

Visits to retail bank branches are set to drop 36% by 2022. At the same time, mobile transactions will increase by 121%.

The lesson: sectors spanning the financial services specturm including; Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance Institutions must prepare for a digital-first future. Your online experiences need to be as social as Instagram, convenient as Amazon, personalized as Netflix, and intuitive as Apple - even if you are 150-years old.

Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud™ Platform makes it easy for financial service providers to deliver better experiences. You can quickly create mobile experiences, combine your services with personalized content, and use intelligent marketing automation to move the customer journey forward.

Episerver solutions for Financial Services

  • Intelligent marketing automation

    Use Episerver’s Intelligent Campaigns to send triggered emails, texts and messages at exactly the right time. Our marketing automation can deliver always-on campaigns to welcome or re-engage your customers, as well as personalized content to segments or individuals.

  • Secure, personalized experiences

    Episerver’s solution combines artificial intelligence and rule-based personalization to automatically deliver the right content for each customer. This helps them find what they want faster and improves your results. All secured by our cloud service running on Microsoft Azure.

  • Mobile and headless content

    Easily deliver mobile experiences with optimized layouts and simplified navigation. Use Episerver’s headless content management to add content to your online banking sites and apps. Customers can also log in to online banking directly from your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Digital branches and originations

    Replicate the service, expertise and experience from your branches online. Episerver helps you easily provide searchable FAQs, knowledge bases, and live chat from LivePerson. You can also increase account originations and inquiries with intuitive, personalized forms.

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Watch how the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud helps you create modern digital experiences. The platform automatically personalizes experiences with artificial intelligence, integrates with live chat functionality, and delivers “headless” content anywhere.

In the financial services industry, transformation strategies are no longer an option. To improve operations, drive growth and become a successful organization, you must leverage data analytics, improve CX and eliminate the silos.

Craig McLaughlin, CEO, Extractable (Episerver Solution Partner)

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