Easy A/B testing to optimize conversions

Now commerce managers, merchandisers, and marketers can easily test and monitor the performance of content at the page or block level using Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Episerver’s built-in A/B testing feature quickly guides you through the testing process, so that visitors see the most effective messaging.

Benefits of using Episerver’s A/B testing

  • Guided setup

    Guided setup makes it easy for the marketer to implement A/B tests and monitor results.

  • Part of the workflow

    No need for outside tools, fully integrated in Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

  • Flexible testing options

    Flexible testing options allow for testing at the page or block level.

Integrated A/B testing for powerful content optimization

Episerver’s A/B testing feature streamlines how you produce effective content. It makes it easy to find the right content, without needing to hire outside agencies or purchase external products for testing and optimization.

  • Integrated within Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.
  • Flexible testing options and conversion tracking.
  • Guided test setup.

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