Create and orchestrate omnichannel campaigns

Episerver Campaign lets you quickly create omnichannel campaigns from one screen. With advanced personalization and campaign automation, customers get exactly the right message at the right time.

Better results with less work

  • Easily create campaigns

    Create simple or complex campaigns in just minutes. Episerver’s drag-and-drop experience editor lets you quickly lay out and preview landing pages, articles and emails.

  • Set campaign triggers

    Automate campaigns to welcome or reactivate customers, or to get conversions on abandoned carts. Add triggers for online and offline activity across all channels.

  • Personalize everything

    Episerver’s platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to individualize every page view, email, text and push notification, and even in-store digital experiences.

Orchestrate campaigns with precision

Episerver Campaign delivers better customer experiences with personalized messages and product recommendations. It also enables you to target particular kinds of customers, like new customers, those who haven’t bought anything recently, or those with the highest lifetime value.

  • Maximize your presence: Reach your customers across all channels, including ads, emails, print, content marketing, social, in-store and more.
  • One-off or always-on campaigns: Go from the broadest of campaigns down to individual messages to acquire, engage and convert customers.

Unify campaigns, content and commerce

Episerver Campaign is part of the only platform that combines leading content management, commerce, campaigns and personalization in the same solution. This makes it easy to create relevant and engaging campaigns.

  • Data-driven planning: Easily see how each channel, campaign and customer segment is performing so you can quickly make improvements.
  • Use pre-built connectors: Combine Episerver’s platform with your CRM, ERP and marketing apps to create even more effective campaigns.

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