Visitor intelligence analytics

Collect and analyze visitor data in all channels

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Easily understand customer and visitor behavior

  • Track your visitors

    Episerver Insight is designed so you can use data to increase engagement. It collects data from all visitors, from anonymous leads to repeat customers, so you can track their paths to conversion.

  • Advanced segmentation

    Our solution enables you to filter profiles so you can quickly create and discover new segments. Filter by attributes such as known/unknown, visit recency or geography, to create target groups for marketing.

  • Third-party data

    You can quickly add third-party data to visitor profiles from your CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems. This combined data will enable you to personalize the visitor experience even more.

Hands-on demo

Episerver Insight is a platform that stores customer data and customer profiles. The solution allows you to make sense of your data so you can use it in marketing campaigns. Watch this six-minute video to get a guided tour.


Visitor intelligence you can use

Episerver Insight provides a better way to track individual profiles and customer segments. For every visitor or customer, you can see data on personal preferences, transaction history, and campaign engagement – across multiple channels. Use data from Episerver Insight to:

  • Personalize marketing campaigns targeted at individuals or segments.

  • Increase engagement by offering relevant content and products in real-time.

  • Increase revenue and average order values.

  • Discover personas, persona journeys, and multi-dimensional segments.

Putting privacy and security first

Episerver Insight utilizes exclusive Episerver technology that does not depend on any external services. Data is stored using a secure infrastructure and managed within the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service. This means that you and your customers are always in full control of their data. You can easily manage exactly what is being tracked, and what is not.

Running in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver Insight ensures you get the strictest levels of security and confidentiality. Episerver’s information security compliance framework is based on the ISO 27001 standard.

Installation and configuration of Episerver Insight is managed through the cloud. Backups, security and software upgrades are all taken care of.

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