Individualized experiences for every visitor, every time

Don’t hide content in deep hierarchies. Engage visitors immediately with content tailored to their interests. With Episerver’s smart content, you can automatically present highly relevant and individualized experiences for every visitor.

Put your content to work

Episerver Advance eliminates manual content selection when creating home pages, article listings or landing pages; instead utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically select content for each visitor based on visitor profile, interest or role. Visitors shouldn't have to navigate deep hierarchies. Shorten the path to conversion or task fulfillment by:

  • Sequencing content to ensure visitors see appropriate content as determined by where they are in the buyer journey or by pre-identified preferences. Offering visitors the right content at the right time limits frustration and enhances the customer experience. 
  • Enaging visitors immediately with content tailored to their interests. Do this on the first visit and every subsequent visit to reduce your bounce rate.
  • Offering relevant documents and information, enhancing discovery and minimizing time spent on information search.
  • Keeping visitors engaged and on the site with relevant content suggestions optimized for newness and popularity.

Episerver Advance hands-on demo

Episerver Advance uses artificial intelligence to personalize content and content recommendations across your digital channels. The solution selects content based on the visitor’s profile, interests and real-time behavior, and on the popularity of all content. How? See for yourself in this ten minutes video.

How to make content smart

Organizations strive to deliver more individualized experiences at every stage of the customer journey. The challenge they face is not just how to orchestrate commerce, content and marketing as one, but how to give each visitor a consistently personal experience across channels.

Instead of time-consuming and error-prone rules-based personalization, Episerver Advance makes use of autonomous personalization – where machine learning based algorithms are used to inject the right content at the right time for every single visitor. We think that’s a smarter way to work.

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Benefits of Episerver’s smart content

  • Personalized content on first page view

    Episerver uses contextual data, such as ad clicks, geolocation, and organization affiliation to present relevant content on start pages, content listings and landing pages.

  • Automatically surfaced information

    For many websites and portals, it is deep content that is most likely to be relevant to a visitor. Episerver uses tagging and content filtering to surface content that is more likely to serve the visitor’s needs.

  • Interactive content drill-down

    From the first content selection, visitors are quickly able to drill down into large content repositories thanks to Episerver’s intuitive guided navigation.

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Better results with less work: Our technology helps you automatically improve each step of the customer journey.

Advanced capabilities: We use machine learning and data insights to instantly improve results and customer experiences.

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