Managed Services

The digital experience that never sleeps

We have combined 20 years of experience of website software operation with industry best practices for site operation, and added dedicated world-wide teams of web operations experts. The result is a digital presence that is always available, responsive and secure.

Episerver Managed Services is the only enterprise-level service designed specifically for customers using Episerver software. We enable flexibility, scalability, high availability and security, with 24x7x365 operations and support at the application and website level.

Bridging the gap

To Episerver the delivery of content is the benchmark of availability, not infrastructure. Many customers are challenged by complex infrastructure and software setups, with a number of different service providers and vendors. Our Managed Services team bridges the gap between hosting and web experience delivery, which lets you focus on content, products and marketing – instead of web operations. 

Services included to plan and maintain your digital experience:

  • Application management  and capacity planning
  • Deployment management

Speed and scalability

Research has shown that the speed of a website or commerce site is a crucial component of the user experience, one that directly affects the visitor’s engagement and eventual conversion on the site. Add to that changing traffic patterns – seasonal peaks, gradual changes over time and sudden jumps in traffic – and you realize that website speed is not a simple matter. Until now.

Services included to ensure speed and availability:

  • Optimized content delivery including CDN and cache best practices
  • Proactive monitoring with monthly web performance reporting

Monitoring and incident management for mission critical operations

We know that you cannot afford your digital presence not to be available all the time, regardless of traffic spikes. We constantly monitor all services – not just at a server level, but at the actual web delivery level – to be able to spot performance or availability issues and act upon them before they turn into problems.

Services included to catch and correct issues before they affect website delivery:

  • 24x7x365 incident and problem management
  • 24x7x365 Episerver Cloud support following ITIL processes
  • Full-stack service level management



Find out how we can increase the value of your digital presence through improved availability, performance and security. Contact us today!