Moving toward successful up-selling with a new approach to email marketing

To support its online sales, has used external email marketing systems ever since it started in 2013. As the company grew, so did its ambitions. With those ambitions in mind, decided to take their email marketing into their own hands, in order to work more cost efficiently and to render their agent obsolete. In addition, the company set out to find a tailored solution that could gradually grow with their ambitions.

In 2015, selected Episerver Campaign, the email marketing platform. The new and extensive possibilities the platform has to offer, have inspired to investigate their email marketing strategy thoroughly.

About Knaldeals is a successful brand-independent Dutch web shop and offers its customers various accessories for smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. Next to smartphone cases, chargers, and car kits offers portable speakers, wearables, and headphones. It was founded in 2013.


  • Turnover growth from newsletter 47%
  • Effective up-selling and cross-selling
  • Automated incentives
  • Average opening rates of 20%
  • Click rates of 17%

Automated incentive system decided to invest in additional functionality. The main goal was to automate certain elements of their email marketing like the loyalty system. When customers purchase a product, they can earn coins and save these for discounts on future purchases. Customers whose coins are about to expire, are reminded through the Episerver system. is now planning on sending automated mailings, such as birthday greetings, and automatically retargeting shopping cart abandoners or customers who made a purchase a while ago.

Improve turnover with the right email frequency

After putting Episerver Campaign into use, carried through a number oft optimizations. One of those included adapting the email frequency of mailings. The frequency of thematic mailings (next to service emails) increased from one per month to four or five thematic mailings per month (using a very precise content planning). This was a much more suitable frequency for In addition, some brand-specific mailings were instigated. These optimizations lead to impressive results.

The number of purchases increased by 50%, leading to an increase in turnover of 47%. Conversion increased by 17%, mainly by personalizing and optimizing the design of the newsletter and other discount newsletters. After optimization, the number of opt-ins increased by 46%.

The recipient list continues to grow, because a steady stream of new customers are finding their way to the web shop and are signing up for the newsletter when they make a purchase. In addition, to gather new email addresses, occasionally organizes a contest. This all contributes to a continued and robust growth of the recipient list.

Relevant information for the right target audience

Thanks to a solid strategy and matching content planning has learned how to adapt to current and relevant trends in the market. For example, when the mobile game Pokemon Go was launched, sent all its customers a mailing in which they offered a special discount on power banks. Needless to say, sales roared.

The marketing department accurately monitors customer behavior in newsletters and on their website. With the information gathered from these data, combined with the visual link analysis and other insightful reports from Episerver, mailings can be optimized increasingly accurately for the different target groups. This prevents, for example, Samsung users from receiving too much information about iPhone products and vice versa. At this moment, is investigating whether it might be profitable to send personalized offers in the near future. By not only implementing the right product offers and deals but also by including information that is both sales-driven and created to inspire, makes its newsletters more relevant and effective. is continuously improving, expanding and professionalizing its email marketing strategy for the future, leading to a more expansive customer base, well-informed and satisfied customers and even better sales results.

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