Pizza Hut

Providing connected and personalized experiences for Pizza Hut Restaurants

The Challenge

Pizza Hut Restaurants is a trusted household name. But, in the face of a highly competitive casual dining market, they decided they needed a new identity online. Their old website was not able to support the far-reaching ambitions of the brand. So, in line with their 40th anniversary celebrations, and a renewed push to understand and react to their customers, Pizza Hut Restaurants set about creating a new website.

Episerver partner Amaze was tasked with delivering a completely fresh online experience with a unique personalised feel, which both supported Pizza Hut restaurants’ business needs and gave consumers an enhanced experience.

The Solution

The new website was designed to be fully responsive and accessible on all devices. By focusing on content, and putting CRM at the heart of what they do, Pizza Hut Restaurants now feel they can stand apart from their rivals.

The new site delivers personalized content based on the device used, the locality of the user, and their previous interactions with the site. Not only does the site respond to users, it allows the restaurants to vary messaging and pricing by location. This enables Pizza Hut Restaurants to have a hyper-localized marketing approach. Restaurants that are usually full at a specific time don’t have diners driven to them with discounts. And, by integrating communications with the in-store system, it can even direct diners to the restaurant with the most capacity if there is more than one in the area.

This new site also enables Pizza Hut Restaurants to fully coordinate their systems with a new booking engine, send in-store information directly to the site and crucially, allows customers to interact with both the brand and the site, on a completely new level. One example of using customer data to engage visitors is by using store information like ‘Top five pizzas in Manchester’. With results from the site looking strong, restaurant bookings up and an increase in pages being viewed, Pizza Hut Restaurants is very happy with the results so far.

The new website acts as a digital flagship restaurant to support our business needs. It has captured the very essence of our approach to casual dining and translated the importance of locality into a clever and very personal user journey.

- Kathryn Austin – Marketing Director, Pizza Hut Restaurants.

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