Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

443% ROI in 3 years

The commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting highlights Episerver’s potential financial impact.

Use Episerver’s interactive tools to discover what your ROI could be with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.


Effort spent on content and product management updates are reduced by 50%

With Episerver, companies are able to stay nimble in today’s changing markets. The primary gain for many of the interviewed organizations is the ability to build once and have similar content published across multiple sites. This means that development effort can be refocused on functionality and ways to improve the customer experience. 

How much could you save with Episerver?

How many editors/developers do you have working on your site?


$0 in yearly savings* and a 50% reduction in time spent on content and product management updates.

*calculations based on the average salary of a developer/editor. Assuming 30% of your web team are developers and 70% are marketing personnel.

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What our customers are saying...

“We have multiple brands as an organization. As we continue to develop each of those brands, we continue to leverage one Episerver instance and share all of that data, saving us time.”

Want to learn more about how Episerver could help your company? See what assets are in our evaluator’s content bundle

Total ROI: $0


Cloud-hosted service offers sizable savings over on-premise solutions

In moving to the Episerver cloud platform for CMS and digital commerce, running on Microsoft Azure, organizations can avoid the costs of infrastructure hardware and associated maintenance costs that come with on-premise servers.

Users can also scale the delivery of content to greater geographical regions, while also being able to handle bursts in customer browsing activity associated with promotions and major product releases.

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AI-based personalization and campaigns increase revenue

Organizations using the Digital Experience Cloud are able to leverage AI-based personalization to deliver highly relevant content and messaging for specific customers. This can increase conversion rates by 3% and basket sizes by 5.5%.

How much could you increase your revenue?

How many transactions does your company have annually?


What’s your average order value?


$0 in increased revenue by leveraging Episerver’s AI-based personalization.

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What our customers are saying...

“We’ve seen a significant revenue uplift after rolling out the AI personalization suite. Our basket size has been impacted by an increase of 25% with the Episerver Personalization Engine.”

Want to learn more about how Episerver could help your company? See what assets are in our evaluator’s content bundle

Total ROI: $0


Customer satisfaction scores improve with more personalized experiences 

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud enables you to provide richer and more personalized content, helping to form a deeper connection with the consumer. In addition, customer service representatives are able to draw product information directly from sites on the Episerver platform to enhance the positive customer experience.

Several interviewees cite that customer satisfaction scores and NPS ratings have improved since moving to the Digital Experience Cloud.

These average monthly savings would enable you to spend more money on launching more complex web characteristics such as: 

ux-icon Created with Sketch. Improving user experience with updated to design and ease of use.

personslization-icon Created with Sketch. Improving customer experience by adding AI-based personalization

search-icon Created with Sketch. SEO services - Boost your brand awareness and sales by optimizing your entire site for better organic search results.

social-media-icon Created with Sketch. Social Media - Invest time in building a community around your brand to raise awareness for your products and services.

headcount-icon Created with Sketch. Additional marketing and sales headcount

The ultimate Episerver evaluators assets

We’ve bundled together our most valuable assets to help you simply assess whether Episerver could be your next content management or commerce provider.

What's in the bundle?

The full Forrester Total Economic Impact study 
Download the full TEI study conducted by Forrester Consulting for a more detailed breakdown of their ROI findings.

4 Steps to Simplify the Digital Experience
This guide goes through the fundamental steps of the digital customer experience and gives hands-on advice on how to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing using Episerver.

A Guide to Mastering Ecommerce Optimization
This guide examines the entire customer journey to show how each step along the way can be optimized for better results with Episerver’s built-in features.