On-demand product webinars

The Digital Customer is Always Right

This webinar, presents the digital transformation journey Cleaner's Supply embarked on. Ahmed Marzouk, Director of IT talks through the challenges and lessons learned to deliver the best digital customer experience.

The Neuroscience of Memorable Content

In this webinar, Neuroscientist Carmen Simon, Episerver and CMSWire provide practical advice and guidelines for crafting unforgettable content.

How Partsmaster laid the foundation for digital success

This webinar, led by Robert Debault from Partsmaster and Episerver's Ed Kennedy, presents the journey Partsmaster embarked on to transform their ecommerce site and shares lessons learned along the way.

Quick look: Episerver Commerce in action

See what Episerver Commerce has to offer in this short, 35-minute webinar. We’ll present our digital commerce platform’s main features, run through a demo site, and show you why our solution has the highest ROI in the industry.

Turning 30 billion brand visits into a personalized shopping experience

Join us in this webinar when we welcome Arla to showcase their transformational journey towards becoming the Number 1 digital FMCG. Arla will provide you exclusive insights on how they developed this idea into a successful reality while Valtech and Episerver will make sure you leave knowing just how easy this is to implement

Quick look: Episerver CMS in action

If you’re evaluating a CMS, this short webinar will give you a clear overview of what Episerver has to offer. We show how Episerver’s features make your work easier and can cut your content management time by up to 50%. Watch now to see our solution in action!

Retail Futures: Iterative and disruptive

Cate Trotter from Insider Trends will in this webinar talk about the two camps that divided the retail industry. She will highlight world-leading examples of companies leading the way in both camps, and the advantages of their initiatives. You will leave the room with a new perspective on retail innovation, and a new understanding of the right approach for your business.

Unifying experiences and operations with Episerver and Dynamics

Learn about the benefits and best practices of integrating Microsoft Dynamics with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Episerver implementation partners share top tips from helping companies unify their data and deliver relevant customer experiences.

How to migrate your websites to the Episerver Cloud Service

Are you considering moving your website(s) to the cloud? If yes, tune in to learn exactly what you get with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service. And hear about Episerver customers who have already made the move. What were their migration paths? What were their challenges? How did they benefit from the move?

How to achieve true customer centricity - with Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg – digital marketing pioneer – shares his framework on how to deliver experiences that speak to what your customers want to do. And, you'll see how Episerver’s Experience-Driven Commerce solution can help you turn Bryan’s ideas into a reality.

Create relevant customer experiences using AI

Get an introduction to what artificial intelligence actually is. And see first hand how Episerver's AI powered Intelligent Campaigns help you more effectively create relevant customer experiences.

How to decipher user behavior – a 4-step model with Nir Eyal

Join Nir Eyal in a discussion of the four key concepts that make the customer journey easier to understand and control. And, see how you can apply Nir’s framework to your business using Episerver's Individualized Content solution.

How to use Dynamics to deliver omnichannel ecommerce

Learn how you can use Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver to quickly launch true omnichannel commerce experiences. Listen to how Eason, the Irish book retailer, implemented unified commerce in a matter of months.

How to make your emails 5 times more effective - Jessica Best

Join Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley, in a discussion on how to use data to send more relevant emails and easily create email campaigns that drive leads, revenue and upsells. And, see how Episerver’s Intelligent Campaigns solution combines artificial intelligence and customer data to personalize experiences based on real-time behavior.

The three secrets to B2B ecommerce success – with Justin King

Justin King, B2B thought leader, presents the 3 most important things B2B distribution and manufacturing companies need to succeed with ecommerce. And, see how you can use Episerver’s Experience-Driven Commerce solution to personalize buying experiences for B2B customers and increase average order values.

How to deliver ridiculously good content - with Ann Handley

Join Ann Handley, "Queen of Content Marketing", in a discussion on how to deliver the right quality content at the right time and how using data can help to produce more effective content. And, see Episerver’s Individual Content solution powered by AI in action.

Get real omnichannel marketing results using AI

Join Kath Pay, Email Marketing Thought Leader, in this webinar to learn how to create truly intelligent campaigns and develop campaign strategies. Also, see how to implement these strategies using Episerver's AI powered Intelligent Campaigns solution.

What AI can actually do for commerce – with Jason Goldberg

Join Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg in a webinar that goes behind the hype to explain how companies can use AI today. Jason shows you practical examples and we demonstrate how Episerver's AI powered Experience-Driven Commerce solution help you stay competetive.

How to create habit-forming experiences – with Nir Eyal

Join Nir Eyal in a webinar explaining how to create online experiences that your visitors want to come back to over and over. How do you “hook” your visitors, and why are some companies so good at it? Also, learn how to apply Nir’s framework to your business using Episerver's Individualized Content solution.