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Episerver Headless CMS API

The Episerver Headless API allows you to use Episerver's Enterprise CMS and Commerce platform as coupled, decoupled, and headless architecture so you can easily control and edit all your content for all your applications from one Episerver instance.

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Headless CMS API graphic

Digital Experience Cloud Platform Architecture

The Episerver technical overview outlines the technical features of central areas in the Episerver platform, with references to more detailed information about each area.

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Episerver Architecture


Deployment is the process of adding website code and content to a test or production environment, either when creating a new site or when upgrading an existing one.

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Episerver deployment


Episerver is designed to be robust and flexible, and to scale easily as business grows. The Episerver solution simplifies proper configuration of software components. Performance optimization areas include configuration of common caching schemes, along with appropriate hardware and secured data delivery.

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Episerver performance


You will find a wide selection of add-ons, built both by Episerver as well as external partners. Add-ons are quality certified and available for easy installation from the Episerver Add-on Store, from Nuget or from Episerver World. Some add-ons are available for free and others require a license. You can also develop your own add-on for your Episerver solution.

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Episerver add-ons and integrations

Framework Agnostic Experiences

Build applications using Angular, React, vue.js or whichever framework you prefer. Having a great API for delivering content across channels and technologies means you can focus on reaching more customers and take advantage of fit-for-purpose technologies.

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Episerver front end frameworks

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Also be sure to visit our developer commmunity and documentation site, Episerver World. Here you will find technical documentation, recommended practice resources, and Q&A·s with our extensive developer network.