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Want to compete with Amazon? Experience-Driven Commerce is the answer.

Consumers like Amazon’s low prices, wide assortment and Prime shipping. But they also want more. According to Episerver’s global study of online shopping, Reimagining Commerce, consumers want personalized, device-specific experiences. 25 percent of shoppers are more likely to make repeat purchases when experiences are personalized to them.

The solution is Episerver’s Experience-Driven Commerce. It enables retailers to improve site performance, personalize customer experiences with machine learning, and automatically adapt content to any device. Retailers can also gain deep insights into customer journeys with Episerver’s analytics, so you know what campaigns, experiences and products are most effective.

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  • Experience-Driven Commerce

    Customer experience will soon overtake price and products as the key differentiator for businesses. Episerver’s Experience-Driven Commerce empowers retailers to deliver the rich experiences customers want. Our solution enables you to automatically personalize product and content recommendations, search results and email campaigns. This increases engagement, average order values and revenue.

  • Omnichannel Commerce

    Only 7% of retailers offer seamless shopping between channels, such as click-and-collect or ship-from-store programs. Yet today omnichannel commerce experiences are essential. Experience-Driven Commerce solves this by unifying product, inventory and customer data, and with partners like OrderDynamics and Microsoft. Customers can browse in one channel and purchase in another.

  • Global Commerce

    Increasingly consumers are making online purchases across borders. This gives retailers both an opportunity and requires certain capabilities. Episerver enables you to quickly launch and operate global ecommerce websites. This includes running multiple sites, country-specific payment gateways, tax calculations, and multiple inventory locations. We make international payments and order fulfillment easy.

  • Personalization & Analytics

    Personalizing content and product recommendations are proven ways to increase order values and revenue. Artificial intelligence now allows retailers to personalize at scale. The Episerver Personalization engine has 150 algorithms that automatically suggest the right content and products. Forrester Consulting found that on average our solution increases conversion rates by 3% and average order values by 5.5%.

Retail is a hyper-competitive market, and retailers around the world are continually improving their ecommerce and omnichannel practices. With this much at stake, you need an intelligent system you can trust.

Charles Dimov, Vice President, Order Dynamics

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