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Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Get the best of Ektron and Episerver CMS!

Since Ektron joined Episerver, we've combined the best capabilities of both platforms into the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. While we continue to support the Ektron platform, many customers have chosen to extend their solutions or move to our new platform. Learn about the benefits below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ektron CMS is still supported, but Episerver recommends that customers should be on at least version 9.0 or greater of Ektron CMS or the Digital Experience Cloud.

  • This will depend on the size and complexity of your site, but the majority of upgrades are completed within 2-4 months.

  • The converged platform offers Ektron customers many advantages and new features that neither Ektron nor Episerver customers had before. Because of this, we are unable to offer a completely automated upgrade mechanism. Instead, we have put together a package of partner services including tools and Expert Services accelerators to help your partner facilitate and simplify the move.

  • Fill out our form, and after a free site assessment you will get a detailed quote.

  • Yes, customers may upgrade their perpetual licenses or upgrade to a cloud license.

Hendrix College moves from Ektron to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Our decision to move from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud is really a win-win for our entire team.

Jay Burling, Web Applications Director, Hendrix College

Switching from Ektron to Episerver

This short guide explains how you can benefit from the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. It also explains the steps you should take to prepare for an upgrade. 

Download the Ektron to Episerver guide

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Ektron 9.3 release

The most notable new features in the Ektron 9.3 are:

  • Solr now supports utilizing PostgreSQL crawl database storage, leading to faster and more reliable crawls for large sites

  • Enhanced password expiration rules for all CMS users is now available

  • Offload image and document storage to an external CDN and storage service

  • Enhanced security across the board

  • New system notification area will alert administrators when updates are available or system issues are detected

  • Easily set up email notifications for Syncs that take too long or result in failure

Learn more about this update