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Digital Experience Optimization

Our team of digital strategists enable Customers and Partners to deliver quantifiable business results powered by Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Whether you need to:

  • Create a Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Optimize an Existing Solution
  • Implement your Digital Initiative

Consultants with a depth of experience in all aspects of the world of Digital Transformation, provide expertise and guidance through onsite workshops to position you for success.  


Digital Experience Advisory

The Expert Services advisory team has developed a series of consulting packages to ensure that Customers and Partners are successful in implementing Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.  Through best practices guidance and hands on support Expert Services will enable your project teams to deploy successful projects within the Digital Experience Cloud.

Digital Experience Advisory Packages include:

  • Cloud Accelerator
  • Solution Advisory
  • Implementation Advisory
  • Application Audits


Application Upgrades

Episerver recommends that all customers regularly upgrade to ensure they have access to the most up to date features and to ensure that they have the most secure and performant version of the Digital Experience Cloud Service. Even though this is Episerver’s recommendation, we understand that it is not always possible and that customers may continue to use the same version of the software for multiple years prior to an upgrade. 

To assist in helping to get customers on the most recent version of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, Expert Services has developed an upgrade accelerator to assist moving customers from Ektron CMS, Episerver CMS or Episerver Commerce to the latest release of the platform. 

Read more on Ektron CMS to Digital Experience Cloud Upgrades


Content Migration Services

Episerver Expert Services has created a streamlined content migration service designed to be the easiest and most cost-effective way to migrate your existing CMS content into the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. This service will help streamline your project and allow your team to start taking advantage of the benefits and capabilities offered by Episerver Digital Experience Cloud quickly and efficiently. 

This service utilizes a third generation content migration tool developed by Episerver specifically with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud moves in mind, and with the in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of industry and bespoke CMS offerings, to minimize the amount of custom script development required to efficiently migrate content from your source solution to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.  

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