Technical Trainer Roger Cevung

"The participants are the real bosses. I'm just there for them."

Meet our experts:

Roger Cevung, Technical Trainer

  • Area of expertise: Digital commerce training
  • Background: 14 years of experience training developers, including six at Episerver
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden


What do you do at Episerver?

As my title says, I’m a technical trainer, mostly with the Commerce part of training, but I have begun holding the CMS developer courses as well. I also work with developer certification for Commerce – anything to do with Commerce development, that’s my area.

Who takes your Commerce courses?

It’s everything from newbies at e-commerce to advanced developers and architects, I’ve met them all. E-commerce is something even skilled developers need to learn about, it’s more challenging than CMS. 

What are the biggest challenges developers have with e-commerce?

With e-commerce you can do the same things in several different ways, so you need to make a lot of decisions. With our courses we try to narrow down the process, so people can find a clear direction from the very beginning.

Why is taking a training course from Episerver worthwhile?

Training will give you a jump-start in your project, so you can code and build your e-commerce site faster. Also, conceptually, if you are new to e-commerce, you need someone to explain the field for you, otherwise there is a rather steep learning curve.

In addition to training, can you suggest a few good resources for learning more about Episerver?

The best resource is Episerver World, as well as the official documentation. There are also some unofficial sites and blogs that we recommend in our courses.

What is the best part of your job?

I enjoy the interaction with people and the many discussions with partners and customers during the course. It’s not just me standing there like a preacher and saying how things should be done. I try to encourage discussions and sharing knowledge in my courses. The participants are the real bosses, I’m just there for them.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Right now as a hobby I play guitar – I haven’t done that for a few decades, but picked it up again a few years ago. I like downhill skilling, and I’m also doing some construction on our house, adding a second floor.