Secura Insurance

Secura Insurance transforms customer experiences with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Increasing organic traffic and searches

Wisconsin-based Secura Insurance provides a broad range of competitive commercial, personal and non-profit products to customers across 12 US states. The company needed to modernize their digital infrastructure and significantly improve customer experiences.

Secura Insurance had several clear goals for the upgrade. The first was to move from the existing site with minimal disruption to business. Next, the new platform needed to drive organic traffic to increase Secura’s reach.

Another area that needed addressing was the “Find an Agent” search bar. This is where prospects and customers find the most relevant agent for their query. Using the new platform capabilities, Secura Insurance wanted to increase the number of searches as it stimulated new business. Finally, with changing consumer practices, Secura also understood the importance of a mobile-friendly design and its effect on reducing bounce rates.

Easier editing and smarter personalization

For these reasons, Episerver Digital Experience Cloud was chosen to modernize the Secura Insurance site and deliver a customer-centric experience.

With the Episerver solution, Secura no longer needed IT’s help to update the website. Episerver enables users to quickly make changes through an easy-to-use interface. This means that Secura can now nurture groups through personalization with minimal effort from marketers. The solution also helped improve the team’s reporting on website results.

Working with Aperature Labs, the implementation focused on enhancing the user experience with little to no disruption to users.

New visitor insights

Secura Insurance was impressed with Episerver’s A/B testing capabilities, as well as the ability to personalize an experience based on log-in data. The marketing team now has access to visitor insights that they previously weren’t aware of, including new vs. returning visitors, website metric reviews and ecommerce stats.

This project was implemented by Episerver Premium Partner Aperture Labs.

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